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The Dormitory

Dormitory View Outside
Dormitory view from outside

International Student Apartment: General Information

The dormitory shared with the Chinese students of the Shanghai East Hospital has unfortunately been closed to international students by the administration of Shanghai. We have established a new student housing solution to offer our students a stay in a secure and convenient housing, which is open exclusively for our international students during their rotations at the Shanghai East Hospital.

Our new dormitory location in close to Century Avenue Subway Station in Pudong. The International Student Apartments are currently housing up to six students in three double rooms. The premises feature one smaller and two larger double rooms, with a common area, bathroom and kitchen in each apartment. Additional appliances, such as a free to use laundry machine, air-conditioning, heating, as well as free W-LAN access are included. The apartments are quite modern and offer a high standard in comparison to the old dormitory building.

The buildings are located close by and one subway stop from the hospital. Alternatively, the hospital can be easily reached by foot as well. The Shanghai city center and most other areas can be reached conveniently by subway, as Century Avenue is one of the main subway crossings.

Common Area Kitchen
Common Area View Common Area

Kitchen 2 Bathroom 1     Bathroom 2
Kitchen Bathroom Views

Double Room

The Dormitory Fee is 3500 CNY per person/month for a placement in one of the double rooms.
The payment of the first month rent as Reservation Fee is handled online and thus reservation became much more secure and convenient for our students, as all the fee's can now safely be payed online or through wire transfer. Any following month's in excess of the first months rent are payable in cash in Shanghai.

Upon booking, payment of a reservation fee (1 month rent) is required. The reservation fee is refunded in parts in case the dormitory booking has to be cancelled. Please note that a penalty payment may be applicable in case students move out prior to the originally intended period.


Shanghai is a very safe city and crimes against foreigners are rare. Around tourist areas, one should avoid scams (e.g. do not go with friendly strangers which want to practice their English with you - they leave you with an unjustified huge bill! - Do not attend 'Tea ceremonies') and occasional pickpockets. The biggest danger is traffic, please exert caution.
Public transportation is comparably cheap, fast and safe, but not available at night. At night, we recommend the use of taxi's, that are relatively cheap as well.

Location of the International Student Housing:

Fu-Shan Road No. 1133
200085 Pudong, Shanghai