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The Education Office


Since its foundation in 2001 by Prof. Liu Zhong Min, the Education Office has come a long way. Initially founded for the education of domestic medical students of the Tongji University only, the successor of Prof. Liu Zhong Min - Prof. Zhongxin Zhao - established an international internship program in 2007. The high demand for the new international exchange program led rapidly to the expansion of the Education Office and to the first online appearance of the Education Office on the internet.
In 2010, the entire internship program underwent a thorough revision and remodeling: a Final Year Program (Praktisches Jahr - PJ), Famulatur Program, and an International Chinese Program was developed. During the establishment of the new programs, Prof Zhao worked closely together with German physicians and a network of international universities to ensure that international standards, especially the standards of German Universities, were implemented. This led to the development of a teaching lecture series taught by affiliated Professors and expert Doctors and the development of a student tutorial class, that -depending on the overall number of international students present- is held on a regular basis. In addition, we created an international student appartment to provide more comfortable and safe living surroundings to our international students. The overall quality of the internship was improved further by winning many more affiliated tutors throughout all departments.
In case that the capacity of the main location in Pudong is reached, international students are placed in the new location of the Shanghai East Hospital in South Campus.
After the first decade of the International Internship Program at the Shanghai East Hospital, the Education Office in cooperation with Medopolo International Internship Programs and D-Z Consulting UG, is establishing the possibility for international medical students, besides the existing location in Botucatu, Brazil, to also establishing the possibility to intern at the four other teaching hospitals of the Tongji University Medical School and hopes to offer these additional hospital locations in Shanghai in the coming years.

Our Staff

President Mingliu Zhong
Xingming Li ZhongXin Zhao Chi Chen
Zhongming Liu,
SEH President
Xinming Li,
Vice President
Zhongxin Zhao,
Executive Director
Chen, Chi
Deputy Director
Philipp Dussmann, Consultant
Huan Zhang Xiao Lei
Philipp Dussmann,
Simon Beimel
Huan Zhang,
Xiao Lei,
Daniel Dong
Eunice Gong
Susie Jin
Daniel Dong,
Chief Intern
Eunice Gong,
Susie Jin,
Affiliate Consultant

Our Mission

The dedicated team of the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office of Tongji Medical School International Office, in cooperation with Medopolo International Internship Programs and D-Z Consulting UG, strives, since its foundation, for the national and international exchange of knowledge, culture, and daily-life experiences. Besides organizing and conducting the various internship programs and the conveyance of pure medical knowledge, we also try to bring aspects of the Chinese culture and way of life across to our international students and promote mutual understanding and thus to actively contribute to international understanding globally.