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Experience Reports:

-> Experience Report 1: General Surgery, December 2016

My overall experience is a very positive one. Everyone in my department was really friendly to me, the doctors tried to explain a lot and although there were some difficulties with the language (and I am capable of speaking Chinese) everybody really gave it their best. We were always invited to eat together with the doctor’s and we had many interesting discussions about the differences in the Chinese and German medical system, after we did a small presentation about the German medical system.

The Chinese students taught me how to change bandages and I was also allowed to do the wound management myself. I could participate in the doctor’s rounds and we even did visits in the ICU ward. Sometimes I could also wash myself in and assist in the operation room.
I think how much you really learn depends on your own interest. If you don’t ask questions, then nobody will answer them and you will learn nothing, it is not the doctor’s fault if a student doesn’t get enough attention but it all depends on the students own commitment.
Thanks to Mr. Dong, who really gives his best to accommodate every students wishes, I am very fortunate to be given the chance to do a small rotation in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department. It was a wonderful experience.
The one and only point that could be improved is the entrance point into the operation room. The nurse at the entrance is very strict with the students and we are not allowed to go in, when we are not accompanied by a doctor. So sometimes when I wanted to go to the operation room and did change some bandages before the doctor was already inside and I could not go in because I, of course, couldn’t call him out of the operation room. But I heard this was the same rule for the Chinese students as well. Maybe it is possible to invent some kind of rule or list that takes care of this matter? That would be great!
All in all I count myself very lucky that I was given the opportunity to participate in the Practical Year Rotation of the Shanghai East Hospital and would like to give my thanks to everybody who made a great effort to realize this program and give so many students the chance to experience the medical system and care in a country so completely different from my own.

H.Z. (University Bonn)

-> Experience Report 2: Anaesthesia, February 2011

I was doing a one month long internship (Famulatur) at the Shanghai East Hospitalin the Department of Anaesthesiology in February 2011 and I want to share my experiences I made there with other interested students:

At my first day in the hospital, I was introduced to the chief of the department. After, during the Orientation session, I was shown around the hospital and told where and when I had to go to start my internship on the next day. I was mostly in the operation area and took part in the daily life of an anaesthesiologist. There they told me the teacher’s name, who was responsible for me. Everyday we rotated through the different OR’s and I was able to get a good impression of all the different surgical departments (e.g. Cardio surgery, ENT-surgery, gynaecology, ophthalmology and others) of the Shanghai East Hospital. 

I was the first foreign intern they ever had in the Department of Anaesthesiology. For this reason, all of the doctors there were very excited to teach me, but I was excited as well about having this great opportunity. Everybody was very friendly and nice to me. The daily routine started at 7:30 am with the morning meeting. At about 8:00 am we went to the respective OR's and prepared the type of anaesthesia that was needed.

When the anaesthesia in my OR was done, I was free to visit all the other OR’s and watch the work there. I was given the chance to do a lot of intubations by myself and was also even given the opportunity to do a spinal anaesthesia! They just explained everything step by step and then I did it under the careful supervision of the teacher. Everybody was very helpful.

Now some short sentences about Shanghai: It is an awesome city!!!

The dormitory is located in the PuDong area. Walking to the hospital takes about 10 – 15 minutes, the next Metro station can be reached in about 5 minutes. The Subway connection from there is quite good and it takes only a few minutes (about 3 stops) to Peoples Square (Centre of Shanghai, Puxi). From there you can reach all the important places in Shanghai very quick (depends on the traffic).

In PuDong itself, there are the highest buildings of China (the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower), the biggest shopping mall of China (SuperBrandMall) and the Oriental Pearl Tower. These places are very close to the dormitory and can be reached within a short walk. At the riverside in PuDong you have a fantastic view of the skyline of the Bund on the other side of the river, which is very famous for Shanghai.

I hope that my short impression of mytrip to China is helping future students. Alltogether I just want to add that I had a great time there and that this internship was a personal and professional enrichment to me.

Thanks to everybody of the Education Office, who gave me the possibility to go there!

V. C. (University of Marburg, Germany)