Final Year Rotation (PJ)
Chinese Foreign Student Program



After arrival at the airport in Shanghai, each student has to clear immigrations, pick up their baggage and pass through customs. The Shnaghai Pudong Airport is located about 20 miles from the center of Shanghai.
There are several ways to continue travel to the Education Center:
  • By Taxi: A trip by taxi will cost about 300 -350 RMB and will take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the current traffic situation. To help you reach the Education Office, you can prepare a printout of the card provided in the Download section.
  • By Meglev and subway: The famous Meglev train is one of the fastest ways to reach Shanghai. With a top speed of 430 km/hour, the train will take you in a few minutes to its final station at LongYang Station (The one-way trip costs 40 RMB if you can present your flight ticket). From there, you can either take a taxi (Warning: Only accept metered taxi fares, do not accept fixed prices without running meter!) or thake the green subway line No. 2 to DongChang Road station.
  • By Subway: Pudong Airport is connected to Shanghai via the subway line number 2 (Green line). The ride from Airport Pudong to  the DongChang Road station takes approximately 75 minutes.

General information

The Education Office established a Final Year Rotation Program for international, in particular German, medical students. The minimum length of the program is 8 weeks and the length of stay can be extended as needed. The department which are currently offering this program are Surgery and Internal Medicine. Since the teaching language is English, good command of the English language is a prerequisite.
Chinese language skills will be of benefit, but are not required.

Rotation Schedule

The different rotation stations during an 8 week long PJ-internship are, similar to German hospital rotations, parts of one single speciality, depending on which the student decides. Depending on the program choice, the plan is altered (e.g. work in the OR or surgical specialities).

Day 1: Orientation

To provide the students an easy start, the first day of the internship begins with an orientation. Every student will be shown around all relevant facilities, such as the wards, the operation theatre, the outpatient clinic, the Shanghai East International Medical Center (SEIMC), etc.
Additionally, each student is provided with her/his official hospital ID and a doctors coat (Costs: 100 RMB).

Weeks 1 - 4

Starting on the second day, the students will report every Day to their assigned wards and attend the Morning Meeting and Morning Rounds together with their assigned tutors. During rounds, they will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the current patients and their medical histories.

Time Task Place
7:30 am Morning Meeting Ward
8:00 am Morning Round Ward
9:00 am Patient Care Ward,Treatment Room
10:00 am Surgery asisstance or obervance
Attendance of special courses
Operation Theatre
Various Locations
12:00 am Lunch Cafeteria
1:00 pm Patient Care Ward
2:00 pm Attendance of Tutorials / Lectures
Preparation of Case Presentations
Library / Computer Lab
4:00 pm Finish


On the last day of the internship, you can collect your papers in Prof. Zhao's office after filling out the feedback form and returning any items you may have been entrusted with (eg. locker keys, books, etc.).