Required Documents
Fees and Cost

Application to the Program

General Application Information

All applying international students are advised to inform themselves about the specific regulations of their university / medical school on the acceptance of internships performed abroad prior to application. Even though our program was already successfully accredited by many universities in Germany and many other countries (including 23 Universities in 11 States in Germany and Universities in Austria, Australia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, the USA, Slovakia, etc.), the universities usually do reserve their right to decide about the acceptance of internships performed abroad on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of every applicant to ensure that credit will be granted. The Education Office cannot be held responsible if credit is denied in certain cases.

-> We recommend to apply at least six month before the intended starting date of your internship, due to a multitude of applications - especially for the month's of August / September and February / March. Applications received less than six month ahead of time can only be accounted for on individual request and include a higher Application Fee.

-> If you wish to be placed into our international student housing, please apply as early as possible, since there are only a few placements available and placement is on a 'first come, first serve' basis. Please be prepared to arrange for private accommodation in any case since we cannot guarantee that housing in our international student dormitory will be available.

-> Please note that it is also your responsibility to obtain a suitable health insurance covering your stay in China before you can start your internship at the Shanghai East Hospital. Please be prepared to show us proof of insurance after your arrival in Shanghai if requested.

-> Should there be no internship placements available for the chosen time period, every applicant has the possibility to suggest up to three alternative time periods. Should all dormitory apartments be booked out already, please be prepared to organize a private accommodation for the duration of your stay in Shanghai. Thank you for your understanding.

-> Visa: Visa applications are not handled on a uniform basis, depending on the Visa Center used and the individual clerk. Visas up to three month are issued without problems in most cases. For rotations in excess of three month, we have experienced some difficulties in the past - even though most of the students have been issued a four month-long Visa as well.  Since Visa applications are not handled uniform, we currently can not issue any final recommendations. Please observe the content of our emails prior to Visa application. We are happy to assist you by any means available to us in case there are any issues and give advice on how the entire period wished for may be accomplished.

Required Documents

For application to our program, you will need to provide the following documents:

1) Letter of recommendation and good standing from your university / medical school
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Letter of motivation
4) Photocopy of passport (National ID Cards can not be accepted!)
5) Passport picture for ID
6) Application Forms of the Shanghai East Hospital and of Tongji University (Download)
7a) Bank Receipt for the transfer of the Application Fee of 850 CNY
      - Please inquire with us to receive the account information via email.
7b) Alternatively, the Application Fee can now be paid via Paypal:

Choose your country:
Please send ALL of the required documents via email to:

The application process is solely electronic and no original documents are required. Please send your application ONLY to the email address above! All applications sent to other outdated email addresses are not guaranteed to be processed. Incomplete applications can not be processed!
- To provide our services, we need to obtain, process, save and remit all of the above specified data. Upon application, all applicants agree to the electronic saving of all provided data. All data or parts of it will be sent to the responsible persons of the Education Office of the Shanghai East Hospital and of the International Office of Tongji University. It can not be excluded that data or parts thereof are given to third entities within China, such as government agencies, as the above named entities are not necessarily observing European data protection policies. All applicants explicitly agree on the processing and saving of all their data and to be contacted via email, phone, or postal mail, if necessary. Only upon request, we will provide parts of the data to third parties, such as insurance companies or Visa agencies. For additional details, please refer to our Imprint page.

Additional Questions?

In case you have any additional questions or concerns before applying, we will be happy to answer you.
Please contact our consultants with your questions at: info@shanghaieasthospital.com

Experience Reports:

The team of the Education Office is looking forward to your application and is eager to offer every student a superb learning experience, both theoretical and practical. If you want to read about the experiences of students who have already spent their internship at the Shanghai East Hospital please click here.