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Please email us prior to application to receive our application form
and to let us know about any questions or concerns you may have via email at:

The application to the TCM intensive course is entirely electronic and consists of several steps:

1) Application: Submission of documents by email:

  • Proof of being a medical student in 3rd year or higher, or proof of medical degree (a scan or readable picture is sufficient)
  • Passport style picture
  • Filled out TCM Application Form (will be emailed to you)
  • Transfer of the Application Fee of 500 CNY (via wire transfer or PayPal)

2) Reservation: Payment of reservation fee:

Once your application has been approved, please wire transfer 60% of the program fees to finalize the application and to reserve your internship spot and apartment room.

  • Reservation Fee of Standard Room: 8000 CNY          (Fee total: 13400 CNY)
  • Reservation Fee of Second Floor Room: 9300 CNY    (Fee total: 15600 CNY)
  • Reservation Fee of Business Room: 11400 CNY        (Fee total: 18900 CNY)

- Note: Since we have to plan ahead and already organize your housing and course well ahead of time, we do require the reservation fee to be paid upon reservation of your room of choice and course. The reservation fee is required to cover everything we already arrange for you. The Reservation Fee is not refundable in case you need to cancel after you reserved your course and room!

The remaining 40% of the total fee are payable in CNY upon arrival in Shanghai.

Once your payment has been received, we send you your personal invitation letter from the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office. With this letter you can apply for a 60 day L Visa for China at the nearest Chinese Embassy.

3) Organization of your trip: Visa scan, flight number and arrival time

Once you have received your Visa and made flight reservations, please send us a scan or readable picture of your Visa and inform us about your exact arrival time at Pudong International Airport and flight number to enable us to arrange your pickup from the airport.
We recommend that you already bring the remaining Fee with you to avoid any additional credit card charges.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Shanghai!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns prior to application!