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All participants of one session will live in an exclusive penthouse specially rented for this program. It contains 170 square meters over two floors in the 11th and 12th floor. The apartment features a total of 10 beds, 8 of them available for the program participants and 2 for accompanying persons from the program organization.

Living Room Living Room

Each floor has its own bath room:

Bathroom 1st floor Bathroom 2nd floor

All rooms are double rooms in three different categories:

  1. Regular Double Room

  2. Standard RoomStandard Room
    Standard RoomStandard Room

  3. Double Room with balcony (12th floor)

  4. Second Floor RoomSecond Floor Room
    Second Floor RoomSecond Floor Room

  5. Double Room with personal bath room and extra chamber (12th floor)

  6. Business RoomBusiness Room
    Business RoomBusiness Room
    Business RoomBusiness Room

The third category requires two participants to apply jointly for it.

We can supply beds for couples, please tell us ahead if you wish to live in one bedroom together.

The apartment is completely equipped and includes services that will

  • Provide breakfast and dinner
  • Wash clothes
  • Provides towels and bedding
  • Provides shampoo, soap and toothpaste
  • And, and, and

Participants require only

  • Own clothes
  • Toothbrush

for their entire time during the TCM Program. The program cares for the entire rest!