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TCM Program

Participants should obtain a 60 day L visa for China that will be valid a few days prior to the starting date of the TCM intensive course. The first session of the TCM course officially starts on February 23. 2013 and your Visa should start on that date.
We will pick you up at Pudong International Airport on February 23rd and 24th and take you to your apartment by the world famous Maglev train. To get you started once we arrived, you will receive your personal cell phone with your Chinese phone number, your subway transportation card, and all the studying materials for the TCM Program - including your personal Meridian-doll, course-booklet and TCM textbook.

Thereafter you can settle into your room. All rooms await you with ready-to-sleep beds, your own towels, cloth-hangers and all other usual necessities of better hotel rooms - including comfortable living rooms with several TV's, a dining room, kitchen, etc.
Starting on February 25th, the weekdays (Monday - Friday) will start with a jointly breakfast and transfer to the Shanghai East Hospital by subway. There, the participants will be shown to their respective departments that they are scheduled to rotate in for one week each.
From 11 am until 1 pm, there will be a two hour lunch break after which the rotation with the TCM practitioners continues. Thereafter, all participants will meet in the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office Campus nearby to attend the daily Medical Chinese lessons. After the lesson, the participants will be brought back to the apartment by subway.

The day will finish with a jointly dinner and a small recap of the day together with a responsible from the Shanghai East Hospital Education Office.

The weekly schedule looks as follows:

Participants will be grouped in pairs and rotate through the TCM departments one week each.

The four departments are:

  1. Massage
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Herbs and medicine
  4. TCM wards

We will organize tourist trips to places worth vising while in Shanghai on all three Saturdays of the program. Two of them will be used to see the most important spots in Shanghai and the third trip is planned to visit the vicinity of Shanghai.

On the programs last Thursday, you will be taking the final examination consisting of an oral Exam of about 30 minutes and receive your grade. On the evening of the last Friday, Prof. Dr. Zhao and select TCM practitioners will personally distribute the certificates of the TCM intensive course to each participant who achieved a passing grade during a jointly dinner.

After the four weeks of intense formation, we will bring the participants either to the international airport of Pudong to board their flights to home, or to a connection vicinity in Shanghai of their own choice (in case anyone wants to stay and plan a private stay in China for the remaining period of the Visas validity).

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the TCM Intensive Course. Please contact us anytime via email at: tcm@shanghaieasthospital.com