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Welcome to the new
Traditional Chinese Medicine Intensive Course
at the Shanghai East Hospital

For the first time ever, the Shanghai East Hospital will offer the new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Intensive Course in Spring 2013.
We have added this course due to increasing interest of medical students and doctors to gain a better understanding of TCM, which unfortunately is almost disregarded entirely by the curricula of most western medical schools and seems to be prone to mystification and smattering in many countries.
This intensive course is designed to introduce the current theory and practice to western medical students and doctors alike and is offered with a complimentary 'medical Chinese' language course to enable the participants to acquire a basic understanding of the routines in the hospital. Even though the course is held in English entirely, we strongly feel that a basic understanding of the Chinese language are adding a new dimension to the comprehension of TCM.

We took the utmost care in the establishment of this one of a kind beginners TCM course and are able to offer it to you at a modest introductory rate. The program cost will cover besides the TCM course and the Medical Chinese lessons itself everything from apartment, house cleaning, laundry, breakfast, transportation, cell phone with your own Chinese number, tourist trips on the weekends, assistance from our own German staff around the clock and much more.
  Please do not hesitate to contact us at tcm@shanghaieasthospital.com with any questions you have prior to application.